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Hi there! My name is GJ Corban, but I've accidentally been called CJ, DJ, JJ, and even Jesus... thrice. I'm an NCFCA veteran (soon to be Alumni) who loves writing. In fact, most of my bibliography (current and future) are written specifically for fellow NCFCA'ers to interp! You can catch me over on twitter using the @corbangj handle.
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Hoodwinked: Speech Edition

By: GJ Corban

This is an edited-down version of the movie 'Hoodwinked' intended for NCFCA or STOA interpretations, be it Humorous, Open, or Duo.

'Hmm. All right, so this looks pretty open-and-shut. Little Miss Rosy Cakes making covert deliveries to the goody tycoon, Wolfie tries to eat 'em both. Take 'em downtown, boys.' '... It's the woods, chief. We don't have a downtown.' 'You know what I mean. Just book 'em!'

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Butterflies for Merideth : A Message from God

By: Stacy Francis Corban; GJ Corban, Compiler

When Stacy found out her daughter had Cranio Frontal Naseldisplaisia she was devastated. But as she wept God spoke to her, and this is the comforting message He told her:

I know you didn't choose butterflies, I know they disappoint you, but I chose them. I chose the butterfly for Merideth because they're beautiful, and because they were not what they are now when they first began. They start as a caterpillar, there's nothing wrong with a caterpillar, but I have destined them for more. I have destined Merideth for more, She will spread her wings, and she will fly where I have called her. She will not be as you see her now, try to see her ...

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The Prince's Bride : A Princess Bride X Bible Crossover

By: GJ Corban

What happens when the Bible smashes into The Princess Bride? A thirteen page screenplay is written presenting biblical scenes through slightly modified Princess Bride quotes for the primary purpose of giving NCFCA Open material to interp and perform of course! With wit, humor, and a moral, all wrapped up in a fresh, entertaining package!

David - ‘So what happens now?‘ Goliath - ‘We face each other as God intended... sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone. ‘ David - ‘You mean, I'll put down my rock and you'll put down your sword and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people? Goliath - ‘I could kill you now. ‘ David - ‘Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor at hand fighting.‘ Goliath - ‘It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise.’

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