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Building Societies
An Exhibit on Governments

Building Societies
  • Harvard Law Review : Vol. 10 Volume Vol. 10 (by )
  • Chronological Tables of the Chinese Dyna... (by )
  • What drives oil prices : Breakdown of Ga... Volume Microeconomics series (by )
  • The Communist Manifesto (by )
  • Columbia Law Review (by )
  • Deposition of Air Pollutants to the Grea... (by )
  • The Constitution of the United States (by )
  • The Works of Aristotle : Volume 12 (by )
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Building Societies:  An Exhibit on Governments

The titles in the Building Societies Collection include important historic works regarding the complex processes needed in order to manage conflicts and the details that arise when administering territories as populations grow. The exhibit contains the most important books written about the histories of rising and falling governments, conquerors and statesman, and important theorists and philosophers.

This presentation is representative of the most significant accounts of those that have shaped the world we live in today, including, but not limited to the most influential top 100 books in Government, Economics, Political Science and Philosophy Collections. On the subject of governance, Aristotle wrote: "...But one factor of liberty is to govern and be governed in turn; for the popular principle of justice is to have equality according to number, not worth, ...And one is for a man to live as he likes; for they say that this is the function of liberty inasmuch as to live not as one likes is the life of a man that is a slave..."  (The Works of Aristotle, Aristotle).  
The Illusion of Unity
The Illusion of Unity
The building of societies involves dynamic processes regardless of the size of the communities involved. The preservation of cultural, social and other historical information in manuscripts and books were (and continue to be) critical to express man's innate tendency to control their environment.   

From Alexander the Great to King George III of England and the American Presidents, all rulers desire to expand their territories and control the behavior of their citizens for the purpose of peaceful existence.  However, with geographical expansion comes the complex issue of social control.  Scholars throughout history have intensely studied human behavior and different systems of governance in order to better understand how legal and political systems were developed. Books that have been important to the study of sociology and political science in our many collections are: The Republic by Plato, The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli, and The Two Treatises on Civil Government by John Locke, as well as a wealth of other important documents from around the world. Our journal and magazines include NATO Review Journal CollectionSTATE Magazine Collection and the Historic and Rare Periodicals Collection,which is a rich 11,469 title source of government and historical research, and is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. 

Ruling an empire or even a small territory is not simple. Governments (no matter what their size) are highly dynamic and populated by many individuals with changeable points of view. The political philosopher Karl Marx wrote about this dynamic in his book, The Communist Manifesto.  Before this work was conceptualized by him, Marx would spend his days at the British Museum Library Reading Room meticulously researching industrial capitalists’ economic logic ("British Museum Reading Room," World Heritage Encyclopedia). Having personally witnessed the poverty and poor conditions of factory workers in England, Marx was compelled by a desire to change the dominant economic order of the times ("The Communist Manifesto," World Heritage Encyclopedia).  Out of this experience, this much referenced work became a catalyst for the working class to critique and change their conditions via a new organizational strategy in an attempt to heighten the quality of their lives.
 Our Government Collection alone, currently contains has 285,945 titles, including audio versions of the top 100 most influential books in Government, Law, Sociology, Economics and Politics and Economics. For instance, Thomas Malthus' An Essay on the Principle of Population can be listened to from any device our members may use to access our World Library, as well as Aristotle's The Politics and The Organon - thus giving our members dynamic choices on how they want to experience the Classics.   

The empire of Alexander the Great exemplified a powerful government that presided over vast territories - from Greece to Persia. His teacher was the philosopher Aristotle, who taught him that knowledge about governments could be gained empirically, and judged according to Greek civilization’s cultural conventions. The book that best best represents these studies for leadership and King Alexander is Volume 12 of The Works of Aristotle - early evidence that one man can change the world...if he has the will and belief that he is right  (The Works of Aristotle, Volume 12, Aristotle).  All this military and expansive action was inspired by what King Alexander learned from teachers and manuscripts.  

Lessons from Past Governments
Lessons from Past Governments
Governments of today are influenced by governments of the past. The Constitution of the United States, is an important historic document which set the precedent for a new form of Democracy, and this document was critical in the secession of the American Colonies from England. In the book, The Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, 1783-1785 author Daniel Parker Coke theorized that the Constitution was created by the Colonists who opposed their dependence on British sovereignty, whereas the Loyalists sought to maintain that relationship (The Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, Daniel Parker Coke).  Ultimately, the Constitution provided a system of innovations from the past colonial government to its citizens, while protecting the interests of independence. The laws ensured that individuals cannot be excluded, or prevent others from accessing "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"  ("The Constitution of the United States of America," James Madison et al).

Additionally, the American model of building society includes the establishment of Independent agencies which observe and participate in U.S. Congressional bill passages, in order to ensure that the practices and missions of government are tempered according to the Constitutional Law.  For example, the industrial growth of the U.S. produced and emitted pollutants like mercury, lead and pesticides into the waterways and skies, which prompted the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to regulate industries so that they never adversely affect the health and lives of animals and American citizens.

The EPA report, Deposition of Air Pollutants to the Great Waters, found that coal and nuclear power would continue to supply two-thirds of U.S. energy until 2050.  Pollutants, according to the EPA, to be a pandemic issue that needs to be dealt with carefully because the industries process resources, products, public services and infrastructures that the American lifestyle and culture depend on.
Law and the Everyday
Law and the Everyday
Laws are important to government because they define the parameters of social development. There is a social contract between individuals and groups and governments. Additionally, laws are ever evolving, as are words and languages, and these will always affect the non-static institutional and infrastructural needs of a growing society. As such, the Socratic method of teaching are still used in schools and universities, and new theories are published in legal journals from leading universities such as Harvard and Columbia, two among the many publishers listed in Bluebook - an indispensable resource in law offices throughout the country ("The Bluebook" World Heritage Encyclopedia).

Law is intricately woven into business functions, such as trading, manufacturing, mining and real estate--government activities that are regulated by the economic principles of supply and demand. Khan Academy’s video "
What Drives Oil Prices: Breakdown of Gas Prices?" explains how supply and demand govern the oil business.  When consumers pay $4.00 at the gas pump, this cost covers the prices for crude oil, refined oil, marketing, distribution, and taxes. These particularities depend on government investment in infrastructures, such as shipping, transportation, and communication lines, which allows the product to reach consumers and support mobile lifestyles. 
("What Drives Oil Prices: Breakdown of Gas Prices?"  Sal Khan).

Moreover, the demand for oil is high, but its supply is limited. Costs are influenced by “Hedgers,” those consumers who pay for future oil costs at a pre-determined fixed rate, and “Speculators,” those who predict oil’s future price. Thus, the wants and needs of the paying consumer will influence the viability and legal regulation of the oil industry, and its auxiliary infrastructures and services, in the future. Without this feedback from consumers, philosophical theorists and politicians, society would be completely different than it is today.("What Drives Oil Prices: Breakdown of Gas Prices?"  Sal Khan).
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Government Collections
We should think of governments as evolving organizations that attempt to regulate the growth of society through laws, agencies and businesses. We should also remember that people can use these entities to define the government’s public good. The "Building Societies:  An Exhibit on Government" features works from important collections in the World Public Library.

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Top 100 books on Government

  • The Bolsheviki and World Peace (by )
  • The Letters of Junius 
  • The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Ma... (by )
  • Why wars come; or, Forms of government a... (by )
  • Polybii Historiae (by )
  • Robert's Rules of Order Pocket Manual of... (by )
  • Prince, The (Version 2) (by )
  • Two Treatises of Civil Government (by )
  • The Declaration of Arbroath 
  • The Magna Carta (by )
  • The Rights of the British Colonies Asser... (by )
  • The Prince (by )
  • Virginia Declaration of Rights and Cardi... (by )
  • Between Past and Future : Six Exercises ... (by )
  • Institutes of Natural Law : Being the Su... Volume Vol. 1 (by )
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Top 100 books on Law

  • Human Rights (by )
  • The Usa Patriot Act: A Legal Analysis (by )
  • Translation of the Law of Criminal Proce... (by )
  • Advocate of Peace (1847-1884) : 1847 Vol... Volume Vol. 7 (by )
  • Sacred Text : the Age of Reason Volume IV (by )
  • The Simma Theologica Volume I (by )
  • Institutes of the Laws of England : Or a... Volume Vol. 6 (by )
  • Laws, Decisions, And Regulations Affecti... (by )
  • Bleak House (by )
  • Utilitarianism (by )
  • The Prince (by )
  • Wife of His Youth and Other Stories of t... (by )
  • The American's Guide: Comprising the Dec... 
  • Leviathan (by )
  • No Treason : The Constitution of No Auth... (by )
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Top 100 books on Sociology

  • The Theory of the Leisure Class (by )
  • The social principles of Jesus (by )
  • Omaha Sociology (by )
  • A Story of the Red Cross : Glimpses of F... (by )
  • A Far Country (by )
  • Wanted, A Young Woman to Do Housework, B... (by )
  • A Theology for the Social Gospel (by )
  • Manifesto of the Communist Party (by )
  • The Principles of Sociology : Volume 1 (by )
  • An Account of the War Customs of the Osa... (by )
  • Sex: Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain... (by )
  • The Structure of Social Action; A Study ... (by )
  • What the Mother of a Deaf Child Ought to... (by )
  • The Biology, Physiology and Sociology of... (by )
  • Pure Sociology : A Treatise on the Origi... (by )
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Top 100 books on Politics

  • The Human Condition : Volume 5 (by )
  • Review of the management of our affairs ... (by )
  • Meditations (by )
  • The Declaration of Independence and Lett... (by )
  • The Trial and Death of Socrates (by )
  • Politics (by )
  • The Jungle (by )
  • Politics Aristotle (by )
  • The Elements of Law Natural and Politic (by )
  • Heart of Darkness (by )
  • Reflections on the Revolution in France (by )
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Dougl... (by )
  • The Jungle (by )
  • Les Misérables Volume: 1-2 (by )
  • Leviathan (by )
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Top 100 books on Economics

  • The Decline of American Capitalism (by )
  • Anarchism and Other Essays (by )
  • Democracy in America, Vol. 1 (by )
  • The Accumulation of Capital (by )
  • Theory of Moral Sentiments, The (First E... (by )
  • The Abolition of Poverty (by )
  • The Causes of Poverty (by )
  • A synopsis of the first three books of J... (by )
  • The Way to Wealth; Or, Poor Richard Impr... (by )
  • Walden Or, Life in the Woods (by )
  • The Cry for Justice; An Anthology of the... (by )
  • Progress and Poverty; an Inquiry Into th... (by )
  • Mutual Aid (by )
  • A Contribution to the Critique of Politi... (by )
  • The Servile State (by )
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  • Part Iii. Administrative, Procedural and... (by )
  • Total U.S. Exports (Origin of Movement) ... (by )
  • Report of Committee on Rural Credits, 19... (by )
  • La Grande Voie Nationale : Mémoire Relat... 
  • Department of Justice : Claims under the... (by )
  • The Journal of the Society of Arts : 185... Volume Vol.6 
  • The Fats and Oils Situation Volume: 91(1944:Sept.) (by )
  • Readings in the Economics of War; (by )
  • The prudential center, part i: its direc... Volume Part: 1 (by )
  • Request for Public Inspection or Copy of... (by )
  • Metrics Matters : Measures of Governance... (by )
  • The Repository of Arts, Literature, Comm... (by )
  • Royal Commission on Agriculture in India... (by )
  • Organized Banking (by )
  • Department of the Interior, Fish and Wil... (by )
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  • Report of the Child Welfare Advisory Com... Volume: 1956 (by )
  • A stochastic approach to global optimiza... (by )
  • Social problems (by )
  • Fsa (Farm Security Administration) Super... (by )
  • World Health Organization : Year 2000 ; ... (by )
  • South-East Asia Series : Year 1994-99, S... (by )
  • World Health Organization : Year 1987 ; ... (by )
  • The Town Book of the Corporation of Belf... (by )
  • Reform of the Bank of England Note Issue... (by )
  • Journalistic Legwork That Tumbled a Pres... (by )
  • Bisbee Daily Review : Nov 1922 (by )
  • Defense Inventory Most Excess Property i... (by )
  • A New Dobson Umkehr Ozone Profile Retrie... (by )
  • Nitrate of Soda for Profit with Sugar-Be... (by )
  • Serious Considerations on the High Dutie... (by )
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  • Annual Report 2000 (by )
  • Information Technology Experiences for S... (by )
  • Federalism Unmasked : Or the Rights of t... (by )
  • Temperance in the American Congress (by )
  • Verification of the Treasury Communicati... (by )
  • Hiv/Aids Profile : China, Taiwan (by )
  • National Institute on Disability and Reh... (by )
  • United States of America before Federal ... (by )
  • La Question des Portes de Fer et des Cat... 
  • Arrearage Tables of Amounts Due and Unpa... Volume: June 1988 (by )
  • Part III Office of Management and Budget... 
  • Monthly Wholesale Trade: Sales and Inven... (by )
  • North Carolina County Business Patterns (by )
  • Montana 1997 Economic Census Mining Geog... (by )
  • Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities--... (by )
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  • Abraham Lincoln; A History : Vol. 3 Volume Vol. 3 (by )
  • The War, Its Causes and Consequences (by )
  • Untitled : Photograph 8C31702V, 1935 (by )
  • Cedars. Open Mountain Sweep Below the Ce... (by )
  • Portrait of Edward MacDowell, Facing Rig... (by )
  • Die Entstehung des Ausschliesslichen Wah... (by )
  • The Animal Kingdom, Arranged According t... (by )
  • A Summary of the Rights of British Ameri... (by )
  • The South Saxon Diocese, Selsey-Chichest... (by )
  • Admiral Phillip; The Founding of New Sou... (by )
  • Storia di S. Caterina da Siena e del pap... (by )
  • Théatre d'Aristophane: avec les fragmens... (by )
  • Two Years before the Mast, And Twenty-Fo... (by )
  • Bulletin Socit Agricole, Scientifique et... Volume Vol. 7 (by )
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Canada Government Collection

  • Les Finances des Collectivites Decentral... (by )
  • Un Gouvernement de Trop! : Memoire du Mo... 
  • Lancashire Nonconformity; Or, Sketches, ... Volume Vol. 6 
  • Le Processus de Decentralisation in Ital... (by )
  • Life and Labors of Robert Alex. Fyfe, D.... 
  • Lectures on Preaching : Delivered before... 
  • Life's Flood-Tide 
  • The Life and Times of the Rev. John Wesl... 
  • Fiscal Prospects for the Federal and Que... (by )
  • History of Latin Christianity : Includin... Volume Vol. 5 
  • Syndicat de la Fonction Publique du Queb... 
  • History of Latin Christianity : Includin... Volume Vol. 9 
  • An Interprovincial (by )
  • A Federation Out of Balance (by )
  • Let Us Pray : A Handbook of Selected Col... (by )
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Department of Commerce Collection

  • Printed Books, Newspapers, Pictures and ... (by )
  • Total U.S. Exports (Origin of Movement) ... (by )
  • The American Community Survey (Acs) en E... (by )
  • Total U.S. Exports (Origin of Movement) ... (by )
  • Appeal of Denial of Request for Correcti... (by )
  • 2002 Economic Census Information Industr... (by )
  • Office of the Secretary There Are Lesson... (by )
  • Office of the Secretary Office of the Se... (by )
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis... (by )
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis... (by )
  • National Telecommunications and Informat... (by )
  • Nist Fy 1996 Superfund Charges to the En... (by )
  • Section I - Chapter 2 Meat and Edible Me... (by )
  • Doc It Security Program Policy and Minim... (by )
  • Social Security Cola (by )
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Department of Energy Collection

  • Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the ... (by )
  • Capturing Energy Finance and Accounting ... (by )
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Travel Fu... 
  • U.S. Department of Energy Executive Secr... 
  • Standard Form 30 (Rev. 10-83) 
  • Payment Transition Team Plan of Action a... 
  • The British Mission 
  • District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia... (by )
  • Department Requests $23. 4 Billion for F... (by )
  • Los Alamos 
  • Accounting Operations Division (by )
  • Other General Accounting Team Transition... 
  • Past Performance Evaluation Worksheet 
  • Origins of the Nevada Test Site (by )
  • Department of Energy 2004 Commercial Vs.... 
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Economics Publications Collection

  • National Association of Independent Insu... (by )
  • Can-Spam Act Rulemaking, Project No. R41... (by )
  • Annual Report of the Federal Trade Commi... (by )
  • Kagera Health and Development Survey Sup... (by )
  • Iraq Status (by )
  • Re: Can-Spam Act Rulemaking, Project No.... (by )
  • Coalition to Implement the Fact Act 
  • Please Do Not Repeal the Minimum Adverti... 
  • United States of America before the Fede... (by )
  • Re: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemakin... (by )
  • United States of America Federal Trade C... (by )
  • In the United States Court of Appeals fo... (by )
  • United States of America Federal Trade C... (by )
  • The World Heritage City of Fez Urban Con... (by )
  • Infrastructure and the World Bank : A Pr... (by )
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Government Accountability Integrity Reliability Office Collection

  • April 2004 Federal Research Information ... (by )
  • Private Pensions Multiemployer Pensions ... (by )
  • Status of Achieving Key Outcomes and Add... (by )
  • Terrorism Insurance Effects of the Terro... (by )
  • Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers (by )
  • Armyavailability of Army Procurement App... (by )
  • Veterans Affairs : Post-Hearing Question... (by )
  • Gao's 2001 High-Risk List (by )
  • Immigration Enforcement Dhs Has Incorpor... (by )
  • Combating Terrorism Observations on Grow... (by )
  • Overview of Federal Disaster Assistance ... (by )
  • Information Security Status of Federal P... (by )
  • Assessing Risks and Returns : A Guide fo... (by )
  • Local Television Act : Status of Spendin... (by )
  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems (by )
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Political Science

  • A Community Civics : A Text-Book in Loya... (by )
  • Congress: is This One of Those Strict Ac... (by )
  • Untitled : Photograph 8C29729V, 1935 (by )
  • Portrait and Biographical Album of Wapel... (by )
  • Government Auditing Standards Amendment ... (by )
  • Speeches of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Of... (by )
  • The way of unity and peace 
  • Recollections of sixteen presidents from... (by )
  • The Fisheries Dispute; A Suggestion for ... (by )
  • The Columbian Jubilee, or, Four centurie... (by )
  • Profile of Selected Demographic and Soci... (by )
  • Umatilla Maiden (by )
  • Lodge in the Woods, Photograph 4A31108V (by )
  • A Week in the White House with Theodore ... (by )
  • Studies in Comparative Religion: Salvati... (by )
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Periodicals: Journal and Magazine Collection (Historic and Rare)

  • Annals of Mathematics : 1918 Second Seri... Volume Vol. 19 (by )
  • A Bright Spot, Photograph Number 6A12300... (by )
  • The Journal of Infectious Diseases : 191... Volume Vol.26 (by )
  • The New England Historical and Genealogi... (by )
  • Related Reports Online and in Print (by )
  • Voltaire, Montesquieu and Rousseau in En... (by )
  • Watson's Jeffersonian Magazine [Serial] ... 
  • The Sanitarian: A Monthly Magazine Devot... (by )
  • The Economic Journal (by )
  • The American Journal of Science and Arts Volume: v. 17 1829-30 
  • Hydrologic Comparison Between a Lowland ... (by )
  • The Manufacturer and Builder : Volume 00... (by )
  • The Elementary School Teacher : 1904 Jun... Volume Vol.4 (by )
  • The American Naturalist : 1909 Vol. 43 N... Volume Vol. 43 (by )
  • Journal of the Association of Engineerin... Volume Vol. 12 (by )
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