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United States National Register of Historic Places listings

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Title: United States National Register of Historic Places listings  
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Subject: National Register of Historic Places, Commercial Hotel (DuBois, Pennsylvania), Hawaii Route 560, National Historic Landmark, Hana Highway
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United States National Register of Historic Places listings

Concentration of NRHP listings throughout the U.S.

The National Register of Historic Places in the United States is a register including buildings, sites, structures, districts, and objects. The Register automatically includes all National Historic Landmarks as well as all historic areas administered by the U.S. National Park Service. Since its introduction in 1966, more than 88,000 separate listings have been added to the register.[1]

Current listings by state and territory

The following are approximate tallies of current listings by state and territory on the National Register of Historic Places. These counts are based on entries in the National Register Information Database as of April 24, 2008,[2] and new weekly listings posted since then on the National Register of Historic Places web site.[3] There are frequent additions to the listings and occasional delistings and the counts here are approximate and not official. New entries are added to the official Register on a weekly basis.[4] Also, the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which modify the area covered by an existing property or district and which carry a separate National Register reference number. The numbers of NRHP listings in each state are documented by tables in each of the individual state list-articles.

Butler County Courthouse, Pennsylvania
Meridian Bridge, Nebraska and South Dakota
Beavertail Light, Rhode Island
State # of Sites
1 New York 5,539
2 Massachusetts 4,198
3 Ohio 3,835
4 Kentucky 3,314
5 Pennsylvania 3,302
6 Texas 3,168
7 Virginia 2,899
8 North Carolina 2,789
9 California 2,642
10 Arkansas 2,551
11 Wisconsin 2,267
12 Iowa 2,247
13 Missouri 2,139
14 Georgia 2,081
15 Tennessee 2,027
16 Oregon 1,982
17 Michigan 1,824
18 Indiana 1,810
19 Utah 1,799
20 Illinois 1,788
21 Florida 1,694
22 Minnesota 1,652
23 New Jersey 1,654
24 Maine 1,569
25 Connecticut 1,558
26 Maryland 1,523
27 Washington 1,504
28 South Carolina 1,468
29 Colorado 1,456
30 Arizona 1,399
31 Louisiana 1,364
32 Kansas 1,360
33 Mississippi 1,359
34 South Dakota 1,291
35 Oklahoma 1,239
36 Alabama 1,232
37 Montana 1,124
38 New Mexico 1,106
39 Nebraska 1,052
40 Idaho 1,026
41 West Virginia 1,017
42 Vermont 805
43 Rhode Island 755
44 New Hampshire 753
45 Delaware 672
46 District of Columbia 553
47 Wyoming 527
48 North Dakota 431
49 Alaska 419
50 Nevada 368
51 Hawaii 331
52 Puerto Rico 327
53 Guam 127
54 Virgin Islands 86
55 Northern Mariana Islands 37
56 American Samoa 29
57 Federated States of Micronesia 25
58 Palau 6
59 Marshall Islands 4
60 Minor Outlying Islands 2
61 Tangier, Morocco 1
(duplicates) (106)[note 1]
Total: 88,981
Jethro Wood House, New York
Old Faithful Inn, Wyoming
Skytsborg, Virgin Islands

A map index to the state lists of NRHPs

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  1. ^ The following sites are listed in more than one state (listed alphabetically): 1872 California-Nevada State Boundary Marker (California and Nevada), Anderson Ferry (Kentucky and Ohio), B & O Railroad Potomac River Crossing (Maryland and West Virginia), B & O Railroad Viaduct (Ohio and West Virginia), Bad Pass Trail (Montana and Wyoming), Bedell Covered Bridge (New Hampshire and Vermont), Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey (Ohio and Pennsylvania), Blood Run Site (Iowa and South Dakota), Bonneville Dam Historic District (Oregon and Washington), Bourne Mill (Massachusetts and Rhode Island), Bristol Commercial Historic District (Tennessee and Virginia), Bristol Virginia-Tennessee Slogan Sign (Tennessee and Virginia), Brownville Bridge (Missouri and Nebraska), Burr's Ferry Bridge (Louisiana and Texas), Chain of Rocks Bridge (Illinois and Missouri),
    Clingmans Dome Observation Tower (North Carolina and Tennessee), Columbia Covered Bridge (New Hampshire and Vermont), Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge (New Hampshire and Vermont), Covington and Cincinnati Suspension Bridge (Kentucky and Ohio), Cumberland Gap Historic District (Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia), Cumberland Gap National Historical Park (Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia),
    Glenrio Historic District (New Mexico and Texas), Harmony Way Bridge (Illinois and Indiana), Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia), Hells Canyon Archeological District (Idaho and Oregon), Holland Tunnel (New Jersey and New York), Hoover Dam (Arizona and Nevada), International Boundary Marker (Louisiana and Texas),
    Louisville Municipal Bridge, Pylons and Administration Building (Indiana and Kentucky), Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge (California and Oregon), Mason and Dixon Survey Terminal Point (Pennsylvania and West Virginia), David Mathews House (New York and Vermont), Merestone (Delaware and Pennsylvania), Meridian Bridge (Nebraska and South Dakota), Milanville-Skinners Falls Bridge (New York and Pennsylvania), Minisink Archeological Site (New Jersey and Pennsylvania), Mississippi River Bridge (Louisiana and Mississippi), Mount Orne Covered Bridge (New Hampshire and Vermont), Mount Vernon Memorial Highway (District of Columbia and Virginia), New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad Right-of-Way (Delaware and Maryland), Newport and Cincinnati Bridge (Kentucky and Ohio), Maysville-Aberdeen Bridge (Kentucky and Ohio), Nez Perce Snake River Archeological District (Idaho and Washington), Osgood Ditch (Oregon and California), Palisades Interstate Park (New Jersey and New York), Plattsmouth Bridge (Iowa and Nebraska),
    Rulo Bridge (Missouri and Nebraska), Salt River Hydroelectric Powerplant (Idaho and Wyoming), Savanna-Sabula Bridge (Illinois and Iowa), Site No. RH00-062 (Kansas and Nebraska), Site No. JF00-072 (Kansas and Nebraska), Sixth Street Railroad Bridge (Ohio and West Virginia), Soo Line High Bridge (Minnesota and Wisconsin), South Omaha Bridge (Iowa and Nebraska), State Highway 78 Bridge at the Red River (Oklahoma and Texas), State Highway 79 Bridge at the Red River (Oklahoma and Texas), State Line Archeological District (Indiana and Ohio), Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island (New Jersey and New York), Stillwater Bridge (Minnesota and Wisconsin), Suitland Parkway (District of Columbia and Maryland), Texarkana Union Station (Arkansas and Texas), Texarkana US Post Office and Courthouse (Arkansas and Texas), Trenton City/Calhoun Street Bridge (New Jersey and Pennsylvania), United States Highway 61 Arch (Arkansas and Missouri), Upper Ditch (Oregon and California), Upper Twin Falls Bridge (Michigan and Wisconsin), Vancouver-Portland Bridge (Oregon and Washington), Washington Aqueduct (District of Columbia and Maryland), Washington Crossing State Park (New Jersey and Pennsylvania), Western Maryland Railroad Right-of-Way, Milepost 126 to Milepost 160 (Maryland and West Virginia), Wheeling Island Historic District (Ohio and West Virginia), Jesse Whitesell House (Kentucky and Tennessee), Willow Beach Gauging Station (Arizona and Nevada), and Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites (Arizona and California).


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