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Districts of Seychelles

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Seychelles is divided into 25 districts. All but one are located on the Inner Islands; the Outer Islands (Zil Elwannyen Sesel) make up the newest district. Eight of the districts make up Greater Victoria, 14 are located in the rural part of the main island Mahé, two on Praslin, and one on La Digue (including respective satellite islands). La Digue also includes some distant islands northwest of Mahé (Silhouette, North Island) and the coral islands in the north of the Inner Islands (Denis, Bird).

The capital Victoria consist of parts of the districts English River, Saint Louis and Mont Fleuri.

Between 1991 and 1993, the originally 23 districts were local government units with elected councils. Since then, they have been governed by government-appointed administrators.[1]

In 1998, two new districts, Roche Caiman and Les Mamelles were created mostly from reclaimed land and from parts of Plaisance. In 2012, another new land reclamation took place and EVE Island and Rev Island where created near the capital Victoria and Bay St. Anne in Praslin. The countries territory is now 459 km2.


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Table of districts

Nr[1] District Capital Area (km²) Population Region
** Mahe Islands Mahe Islands 163.2 78333
01 Anse aux Pins Anse Aux Pins 2.2 3673 East Mahé
02 Anse Boileau Anse Boileau 12.0 4183 West Mahé
03 Anse Etoile Anse Etoile 5.8 5018 North Mahé
04 Au Cap La Plaine St. André? 8.7 3743 East Mahé
05 Anse Royale Anse Royale 6.6 3818 South Mahé
06 Baie Lazare Baie Lazare 12.1 3227 South Mahé
08 Beau Vallon Beau Vallon 4.3 4142 North Mahé
09 Bel Air Bel Air 4.7 3015 Greater Victoria
10 Bel Ombre Bel Ombre 9.2 4163 West Mahé
11 Cascade capital 10.4 4088 East Mahé
12 Glacis capital 7.0 4157 North Mahé
13 Grand'Anse Grand'Anse 15.4 2842 West Mahé
16 English River English River 1.7 4252 Greater Victoria
17 Mont Buxton Mont Buxton 1.2 3173 Greater Victoria
18 Mont Fleuri Mont Fleuri 6.1 3966 Greater Victoria
19 Plaisance Plaisance 3.4 3690 Greater Victoria
20 Pointe La Rue Pointe La Rue 3.9 3245 East Mahé
21 Port Glaud Port Glaud 28.7 2378 West Mahé
22 Saint Louis Saint Louis 1.1 3436 Greater Victoria
23 Takamaka Takamaka 14.4 2580 South Mahé
24 Les Mamelles Les Mamelles 1.8 2537 Greater Victoria
25 Roche Caïman Roche Caïman 1.2 2893 Greater Victoria
** Praslin Islands Praslin Islands 42.2 7682
07 Baie Sainte Anne Anse Volbert 25.1 3626 Inner Islands
14 Grand'Anse Praslin Grand Anse 14.4 4056 Inner Islands
** La Digue Islands La Digue Islands 41.8 3506
15 La Digue and Inner Islands La Passe 41.8 3506 Inner Islands
** Outer Islands Victoria, Seychelles 211.8 503
26 Outer Islands (Coëtivy) 211.8 503 Outer Islands
  Seychelles Victoria 459.0 90024  

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  1. ^ The number relates to ISO-Code for districts 01 through 23

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