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Coptic saints

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Title: Coptic saints  
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Subject: Coptic history, List of Copts, Lists of saints, Egyptian saints, Paul of Tammah
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Coptic saints

Egypt was one of the first countries to know Christianity, with Saint Mark the Evangelist bringing Christianity to the country[1] around 43 AD.[2]

A Coptic icon of Saint Maurice

The Egyptian Christians, also known as the Copts, have produced over a million saints, many of whom are recognised simultaneously in the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church.

Early church historians, writers, and fathers testified to the numerous Egyptian martyrs. Tertullian, 3rd century North African lawyer wrote “If the martyrs of the whole world were put on one arm of the balance and the martyrs of Egypt on the other, the balance will tilt in favor of the Egyptians.” Despite periods of martyrdom and persecution the number of believers continued to grow and the lives of the martyrs inspired many to the Christian faith.

The following is not meant to be a complete list of Coptic (Egyptian) Saints, rather a mere collection.

Christian Saints in the Coptic Orthodox Church

Saint Date of birth Date of death Categories
Ababius Monasticism
Abadiu, Bishop of Ansena 4th century 4th century Martyrdom
Abanoub 4th century 4th century Martyrdom
Abaskhayroun 3rd century 3rd century Martyrdom
Abdel Messih El-Habashi 1898 1973 Monasticism
Abdel Messih El-Makari 1892 1963 Monasticism
Abib 4th century 4th century Monasticism
Abraam, Bishop of Fayoum 1829 1914 Monasticism
Abraham of Scetes 4th century 399 Monasticism
Abraham the Hermit 3rd century 360 Monasticism
Abraham, 62nd Pope of Alexandria 10th century 978 Pope of Alaxandria
Abāmūn of Tarnūt 4th century 372 Martyrdom
Agatho, 39th Pope of Alexandria 7th century 677 Pope of Alaxandria
Agathon, Peter, John, Amun, Amuna & Their Mother Rebecca Martyrdom
Alexander, 19th Pope of Alexandria 3rd century 328 Pope of Alaxandria
Alexandria bombing 20th century 2011 Martyrdom
Alexandria riot 20th century 2005 Martyrdom
Ambrose 2nd century 250 Theologian, Confessor
Amun 295 357 Monasticism
Anastasius, 36th Pope of Alaxandria 6th century 616 Pope of Alaxandria
Andronicus, 37th Pope of Alexandria 6th century 623 Pope of Alaxandria
Anianus, 2nd Pope of Alexandria 1st century 83 Pope of Alaxandria
Anthony the Great 251 356 Father of Monasticism
Apollo 5th century 5th century Martyrdom
Apollonia 2nd century 249 Virginity & Martyrdom
Apollos 1st century 1st century
Athanasius, 20th Pope of Alaxandria 296 373 Pope of Alaxandria
Augustine Bishop of Hippo
Avilius, 3rd Patriarch of Alexandria 1st century 95 Pope of Alaxandria
Awgin 4th century 363 Monasticism
Bashnouna 12th century 1164 Monasticism & Martyrdom
Basil the Great 330 379 Bishop of Caesarea
Basilides 205 Martyrdom
Candidus 287 Martyrdom
Catherine 282 305 Virginity & Martyrdom
Celadion 166
Chiaffredo 286 Martyrdom
Chrysanthus 3rd century 283 Martyrdom
Clement 150 215
Cleopatra 327
Cosmas I, 44th Pope of Alaxandria 730 Pope of Alaxandria
Cosmas II, 54th Pope of Alaxandria 858 Pope of Alaxandria
Cosmas III, 58th Pope of Alaxandria 932 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril I, 24th Pope of Alaxandria 376 444 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril II, 67th Pope of Alaxandria 1092 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril III, 75th Pope of Alaxandria 1243 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril IV, 110th Pope of Alaxandria 1816 1861 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril V, 112th Pope of Alaxandria 1831 1927 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril VI, 116th Pope of Alaxandria 1902 1971 Pope of Alaxandria
Cyril of Jerusalem 313 386 Patriarch of Jerusalem
Cyrus 304
Damian of Alexandria 4th century
Daria 3rd century 283 Martyrdom
Dasya 3rd century
Daydara 4th century
Demetrius I, 12th Pope of Alaxandria 230 Pope of Alaxandria
Demiana 302
Didymus the Blind 313 398
Dimides (Diomede) Martyrdom
Dionysius 250
Dionysius, 14th Pope of Alaxandria 264 Pope of Alaxandria
Dioscorus, 25th Pope of Alaxandria 454 Pope of Alaxandria
Dorothea of Alexandria 320
Esther Queen
Eumenes, 7th Patriarch of Alaxandria 141 Pope of Alaxandria
Faustus 250
Felix 286
Forty Nine Elder Martyrs of Scetes Monasticism
Gabriel I, 57th Pope of Alaxandria 921 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel II, 70th Pope of Alaxandria 1145 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel III, 78th Pope of Alaxandria 1270 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel IV, 86th Pope of Alaxandria 1478 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel V, 88th Pope of Alaxandria 1427 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel VI, 91st Pope of Alaxandria 1475 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel VII, 95th Pope of Alaxandria 1569 Pope of Alaxandria
Gabriel VIII, 97th Pope of Alaxandria 1603 Pope of Alaxandria
Gallicanus 363
George El Mozahem 969
George of Alexandria Martyrdom
George of Cappadocia 303 Prince of Martyrs
Gereon 304
Gregory the Ascetic Monasticism
Gregory the Theologian Patriarch of Constantinople
Hedra Monasticism
Hilarion 291 371 Monasticism
Hor, Tosia (Susanna) & Her Children Martyrdom
Hyacinth & Protus 3rd century 3rd century Martyrdom
Ignatius Bishop
Imbaba Church attacks 20th century 2011 Martyrdom
Irini 1936 2006 Monasticism
Isidore of Egypt Monasticism
Isaac the Syrian Monasticism
Jerome 347 420 Priest
John I, 29th Pope of Alaxandria 505 Pope of Alaxandria
John II, 30th Pope of Alaxandria 516 Pope of Alaxandria
John III, 40th Pope of Alaxandria 689 Pope of Alaxandria
John IV, 48th Pope of Alaxandria 799 Pope of Alaxandria
John V, 72nd Pope of Alaxandria 1166 Pope of Alaxandria
John VI, 74th Pope of Alaxandria 1216 Pope of Alaxandria
John VII, 77th Pope of Alaxandria 1293 Pope of Alaxandria
John VIII, 80th Pope of Alaxandria 1320 Pope of Alaxandria
John IX, 81st Pope of Alaxandria 1327 Pope of Alaxandria
John X, 85th Pope of Alaxandria 1369 Pope of Alaxandria
John XI, 89th Pope of Alaxandria 1452 Pope of Alaxandria
John XII, 93rd Pope of Alaxandria 1483 Pope of Alaxandria
John XIII, 94th Pope of Alaxandria 1524 Pope of Alaxandria
John XIV, 96th Pope of Alaxandria 1586 Pope of Alaxandria
John XV, 99th Pope of Alaxandria 1629 Pope of Alaxandria
John XVI, 103rd Pope of Alaxandria 1718 Pope of Alaxandria
John XVII, 105th Pope of Alaxandria 1745 Pope of Alaxandria
John XVIII , 107th Pope of Alaxandria 1796 Pope of Alaxandria
John XIX, 113th Pope of Alaxandria 1855 1942 Pope of Alaxandria
John Chrysostom 347 407 Patriarch of Constantinople
John Climacus 606
John Kama Monasticism
John the Dwarf Monasticism
Karas the Anchorite Monasticism
Karas, Bishop of California Bishop
Kosheh Martyrs Martyrdom
Macarius of Alexandria Monasticism
Macarius the Great Monasticism
Macarius, Bishop of Edkow (Tkoou)
Maurice Chastity, Monasticism & Martyrdom
Mena Martyrdom
Mercurius Martyrdom
Mary of Egypt Monasticism
Maspero Martyrs Martyrdom
Matra Martyrdom
Matthew I, 87th Pope of Alaxandria 1408 Pope of Alaxandria
Mekhaeil Ibrahim 1899 1975 Priest
Mina Ava-Mina Monasticism
Mina, Bishop of Tamai (Thmoui) Bishop
Misael the Anchorite Monasticism
Mohrael Martyrdom
Moses the Black Monasticism
Nag Hammadi Martyrs Martyrdom
Nehroua Martyrdom
Nilus of Sinai Monasticism
Nofer (Onuphrius) the Anchorite Monasticism
Origen Theologian
Pachomius Monasticism
Pambo Monasticism
Paphnutius the Ascetic Monasticism
Paphnutius, Bishop of Thebes
Parsoma Monasticism
Paul of Tammah Monasticism
Paul of Thebes Monasticism
Paul the Simple Monasticism
Peskhiron of Killin Martyrdom
Peter I, 17th Pope of Alaxandria Pope of Alaxandria
Pigol Monasticism
Pijimi Monasticism
Pishoy Monasticism
Pisora, Bishop of Masil
Poemen Monasticism
Potamiana 205 Martyrdom
Psote, Bishop of Ebsay
Roweiss Martyrdom
Saeed Ben Kateb El-Faraghany Martyrdom
Samuel the Confessor Monasticism
Sana the Soldier Martyrdom
Sara & Her Two Sons
Serapion, Bishop of Thmuis
Seven Martyrs on the Mount of St. Anthony Monasticism
Shenouda the Archimandrite Monasticism
Sidhom Bishay Martyrdom
Simeon Stylites 459
Simon the Shoemaker Martyrdom
Simon the Tanner late 10th century
Tekle Haymanot c. 1313
Theodore the Prince Martyrdom
Theophilus & His Wife Martyrdom
Thomas the Hermit Monasticism
Thomas, Victor, & Isaac of Ashmunein Martyrdom
Timothy, Bishop of Ansena
Verena Martyrdom
Wannas Martyrdom
Yousabius the Historian
Yustos El Anthony Monasticism
Zacharias the Monk Monasticism
Zosimas of Palestine 560

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