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Imperium Europa

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Title: Imperium Europa  
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Subject: Politics of Malta, Gozo Party, Jones Party, National Action (Malta), Democratic Alternative (Malta)
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Imperium Europa

Imperium Europa
Leader Norman Lowell
Founder Norman Lowell
Slogan ave Europa nostra vera patria
Founded 2000
Headquarters La Valletta, Malta
Ideology European nationalism
Political position Far-right
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
European Parliament group Non-Inscrits
Colours Gold, red and black
House of Representatives
0 / 69
European Parliament
0 / 6
Politics of Malta
Political parties
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Imperium Europa ("Empire Europe" in Latin) is a far-right Maltese political party, founded in 2000 by Norman Lowell, who is also its leader. Its primary aim is to unite Europe into one political entity. Din Malta, dil-gżira ċkejkna imma setgħana. Viva Malta, Viva Ġensna! ("Malta, tiny but powerful. Long live Malta and our race!")


  • Nova Europa 1
    • Proposal for institutional reform 1.1
    • Other priorities 1.2
  • European parliamentary elections 2
  • 2008 general elections 3
  • External links 4
  • References 5

Nova Europa

The stated goal of the party is to Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by The Elite."

Proposal for institutional reform

The party advocates a temporary national unity government, a dual system of elitist and democratic elements in order to protect the elite minority whilst simultaneously allowing democratic freedom. This would occur by having the populace democratically elect a President, who would select experts from every field to form a technocratic Cabinet, similar to that formed by Lamberto Dini in Italy in 1995.

Concurrently, there would still be the current Parliament, informing the nation of the cabinet’s policies while simultaneously gathering feedback. After four years, a referendum would be held to determine whether the people want this system or go back to the parliamentary representative democratic system. If the former is chosen, the President and technocrats would carry on for another five years, while the parliamentarians would be dismissed with an attractive pension in return.[3]

Other priorities

European parliamentary elections

Norman Lowell was the party's candidate in the first European Parliament elections that were held in Malta on June 12, 2004. He obtained 1,603 first-count votes from a total of 250,691 votes cast (0.64%). In the 2009 European Parliament elections, Lowell obtained 3,359 first-count votes (a 122% increase over the 2008 MEP elections).[4] Mr. Lowell ran again in 2014 and got an impressive 7,000 votes, more than double the 2009 MEP result.

2008 general elections

Campaigning heavily against illegal immigrants, Lowell was the party's candidate in the 11th and 12th Districts in the March 2008 parliamentary election. He obtained 84 votes on first count from both districts, obtaining 0.03% of the overall votes.

External links

  • Imperium Europa — Official website
  • Viva Malta — Website and forum affiliated to Imperium Europa.


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