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List of cities in Niger


List of cities in Niger

Map of Niger
Niamey, Capital of Niger

This is a list of cities and towns in Niger. All larger cities are also Communes of Niger. While often translated as "town", Nigerien communes are simply the third level administrative subdivision of the nation. These can be classified Urban or Rural communes, and while often the administrative unit of a town or city, all areas of the country fall within a commune. Smaller towns and neighborhoods are designated Quarters (Urban) or Villages (Rural).


  • Largest cities and urban centers 1
  • Smaller cities and towns 2
    • Agadez Region 2.1
    • Diffa Region 2.2
    • Dosso Region 2.3
    • Maradi Region 2.4
    • Tahoua Region 2.5
    • Tillabéri Region 2.6
    • Zinder Region 2.7
    • Niamey Urban Community 2.8
  • References 3
  • External links 4

Largest cities and urban centers

Cities with population over 10,000 according to 2014 census.
City Census division Population
Abalak Tahoua 12,764
Agadez Agadez 78,289
Aguié Maradi 11,475
Arlit Agadez 69,435
Birni Ngaouré Dosso 10,775
Birni Nkonni Tahoua 44,663
Dakoro Maradi 18,875
Diffa Diffa 23,409
Dogondoutchi Dosso 29,244
Dosso Dosso 43,561
Filingué Tillabéri 11,661
Gaya Dosso 28,385
Gouré Zinder 13,422
Guidan Roumji Maradi 10,744
Illéla Tahoua 15,805
Kollo Tillabéri 10,533
Madaoua Tahoua 22,175
Magaria Zinder 17,776
Maïné-Soroa Diffa 10,176
Maradi Maradi 148,017
Matameye Zinder 17,930
Mirria Zinder 19,161
Nguigmi Diffa 15,922
Niamey Niamey Capital District 707,951
Say Tillabéri 10,502
Tahoua Tahoua 73,002
Tânout Zinder 15,779
Tchirozérine Agadez 10,032
Téra Tillabéri 19,508
Tessaoua Maradi 31,667
Tillabéri Tillabéri 16,683
Zinder Zinder 170,575

Smaller cities and towns

Agadez Region

Diffa Region

Dosso Region

Maradi Region

Tahoua Region

Tillabéri Region

Zinder Region

Niamey Urban Community


  1. ^ Population figures from, citing (2001) Institut National de la Statistique du Niger.
  2. ^

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