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Accession of Macedonia to NATO

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Title: Accession of Macedonia to NATO  
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Subject: Foreign relations of the Republic of Macedonia, Accession of Montenegro to NATO, Accession of Macedonia to the European Union, Republic of Macedonia, Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO
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Accession of Macedonia to NATO

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politics and government of
the Republic of Macedonia

The accession of Republic of Macedonia to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is currently pending. Atlantic Council think tank, argued that this reluctance was partly due to the new security climate after Russia's annexation of Crimea.[4]

A poll following the summit showed that 82.5% of citizens surveyed opposed changing the constitutional name in order to join NATO.[5] NATO membership in general is supported by 85.2% of the population.[6] Elections were called following the 2008 summit, resulting in further support for the center-right pro-NATO party, VMRO–DPMNE. The elections were marred by violence that was criticized by NATO members.[7]

The country joined the Partnership for Peace in 1995, and commenced its Membership Action Plan in 1999, at the same time as Albania. Participating in the 1999 NATO intervention in FR Yugoslavia, it received aid from NATO in dealing with refugees fleeing from Kosovo. In August 2001, NATO intervened in the 2001 insurgency, during which rebel Albanian group, the National Liberation Army, fought government forces. In Operation Essential Harvest, NATO troops joined with the local military to disarm rebel forces following a cease-fire agreement.[8]

Negotiation progress

Event Date
Partnership for Peace 11.1995
Individual Partnership Action Plan
Intensified Dialogue
Membership Action Plan 4.1999
Invitation to join
Accession protocol
Ratification by:
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States
Full membership

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