Andrés Xiloj

Andrés Xiloj Peruch was a K'iche' daykeeper (K'iche': ajq'ij) from Momostenango in Guatemala.[1] He was also one of the four "chuchkajawib" (lineage leaders) of Momostenango.[2] After his death, his son Angél became chuchkajaw of the Santa Isabel lineage. Being a native speaker of the K'iche' language and a practitioner of traditional Maya calendric divination, he served as a consultant for several anthropological studies. He assisted Dennis Tedlock in elaborating his award-winning translation of the ancient K'iche' document Popol Vuh.[3] Dennis Tedlock has described the translation process as "three-way dialogue among Andres Xiloj, the Popol Vuh text, and myself."[4]


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  • Transcript of filmed interview with Andrés Xiloj, from the film Breaking the Maya Code, released March 2008 by Night Fire Films
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