Sink wrench

A sink wrench, also known as a basin wrench, is a plumbing tool used to turn fasteners in confined spaces that are hard to turn easily with other wrenches or past the point the plumber could turn those fasteners by hand. The fasteners securing faucets to its supply lines and also to the sink itself are often in deeply recessed places which would make access with a plumber wrench or other tools impossible.

A sink wrench has a spring-closing camming jaw mounted at the end of a long tube with a T-handle at the opposite end. The head of the tool may be flipped over to either tighten or loosen connections.[1] When the jaw is placed over the fastener and the tool turned in the intended direction, the jaw clamps down tightly and the fastener turns in that same direction. Sink wrenches are available both with a fixed length or a telescoping handle.[2]

A pedestal sink wrench, also called a tight spot wrench,[3] has a short handle.[4]


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