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Bayard Presse

Bayard Presse
Parent company Augustinians of the Assumption
Status Active
Founded 1870
Country of origin France
Distribution France, Canada, USA
Publication types Books, magazines
Official website .com.bayardpressewww

Bayard Presse is one of the oldest press and publishing companies of France, being founded in 1870. The company has various media outlets both in its native France and abroad.


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History and profile

Bayard Press was founded in Paris in 1870 and has since expanded into a global publishing network. Their core publications market comes from the children's sector. The main markets are France, Spain and China, but they have a presence in Canada, Italy, the UK, and the USA. The company focuses on the publications about youth, religion, seniors and nature.[1]

The company has close connections with the Catholic Church in France.[2] It edits educational and Catholic publications such as La Croix[1] and Catholic Digest. It also publishes Notre Temps, a lifestyle magazine for seniors.[3][4]

As well as being a French press company, Bayard Presse has publications in English such as their "I Love English" range for teenagers to read and practice their English.

Bayard also produces children's magazines for English speaking children such as StoryBox,[5] AdventureBox[6] and DiscoveryBox.[7]

The three English magazines were launched in 1995. The first issues being "The Pig family moves house" (StoryBox), "The Thief Prince" (AdventureBox) and "On the Trail of the Wild Horse" (DiscoveryBox).

Children's books

The monthly magazines carry stories, characters, games and activities aimed at 3-12 year-olds.

"StoryBox" is for children aged 3–6. Every issue has a 30-page story to read to children, and sections on animals and science. A poem, cartoons, fun and games. The television/comic character "SamSam" also appears in StoryBox[8]

"AdventureBox" is for children aged 6–9. It contains a 40-page story, a section on nature, language, number games, puzzles and a comic-strip.

"DiscoveryBox" is for children aged from 9 to 12. Every month the magazine covers, history, animals, science and other world cultures. Further sections include recipes, experiments, quizzes and jokes.

The three magazines and information on the magazines can be viewed at the Bayard English Magazine Website


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