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List of Buddhists

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Title: List of Buddhists  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Buddhism, Index of Buddhism-related articles, Buddhavacana, Citta (disciple), Family of Gautama Buddha
Collection: Lists of Buddhists
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Buddhists

This is a list of notable Buddhists, encompassing all the major branches of the religion, and including interdenominational and eclectic Buddhist practitioners. This list includes both formal teachers of Buddhism, and people notable in other areas who are publicly Buddhist or who have espoused Buddhism.


  • Historical Buddhist thinkers and founders of schools 1
    • Buddha's disciples and early Buddhists 1.1
    • Later Buddhists (after Buddha) 1.2
    • Indo-Greek 1.3
    • Central Asian 1.4
    • Chinese 1.5
    • Tibetan 1.6
    • Japanese 1.7
    • Korean 1.8
    • Burmese 1.9
    • Thai 1.10
  • Historical rulers and political figures 2
  • Modern teachers 3
    • Theravada teachers 3.1
    • Tibetan Buddhist teachers 3.2
    • Zen teachers 3.3
  • Modern authors who wrote about Buddhism 4
  • Modern politicians, activists, and protesters 5
  • Buddhist practitioners notable in other fields 6
  • Fictional Buddhists 7
  • See also 8
  • References 9

Historical Buddhist thinkers and founders of schools

Individuals are grouped by nationality, except in cases where their influence was felt elsewhere. Gautama Buddha and his immediate disciples ('Buddhists') are listed separately from later Indian Buddhist thinkers, teachers and contemplatives.

Buddha's disciples and early Buddhists

See also: Disciples of Gautama Buddha and Family of Gautama Buddha

Later Buddhists (after Buddha)


Central Asian







Historical rulers and political figures

Modern teachers

Theravada teachers

Tibetan Buddhist teachers

Zen teachers



Dominican Republic







Modern authors who wrote about Buddhism

Modern politicians, activists, and protesters

Buddhist practitioners notable in other fields

Fictional Buddhists

See also


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