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List of cities in Cape Verde

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Title: List of cities in Cape Verde  
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Subject: Sal, Cape Verde, List of airports in Cape Verde, São Pedro, Cape Verde, Lists of cities by country, List of cities in Africa
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List of cities in Cape Verde

Here are list of cities in Cape Verde. In Cape Verde, the urban settlements had different names as of August 2010, according to their importance. The settlements of bigger importance (generally the more populated ones) were called “cities”. The settlements of relative importance (for instance, all the municipalities seats) were called “towns”. The settlements of lesser importance are called “villages”.

Old Cities

Praia on the island of Santiago which is home to over half of the Cape Verdean population, remains the largest city in Cape Verde with approximately 25% of the Cape Verdean population, followed by Mindelo on the Sao Vicente island.

The following table includes population data of the old Cape Verdean cities, with data from 1990, 2000 and 2010.[1]

Old Cities in Cape Verde
Number City Population Municipality
1990 2000 2010
1. Praia 61,644 94,161 127,832 Praia
2. Mindelo 47,109 62,497 70,468 São Vicente
3. Assomada 3,414 7,067 12,026 Santa Catarina
4. Porto Novo 4,867 7,685 9,430 Porto Novo
5. São Filipe 5,616 7,860 8,125 São Filipe

New Cities in Cape Verde

The following table includes population data of 24 Cape Verdean cities of which 19 were towns as of August 2010.[1] Note: The number of cities in Cape Verde as of August 2010 are twenty four, including two major towns on the islands of Sal and Santo Antao (Santa Maria, Sal) and (Ribeira Grande, Cape Verde) also known as "Puvuason". Every seat of a Cape Verdean municipality has been designated a city.

New Cities in Cape Verde
Number Vila Population Municipality
1990 2000 2005
1. Pedra Badejo 5,302 8,519 10,700 Santa Cruz
2. Tarrafal 3,626 5,772 7,050 Tarrafal
3. Espargos 5,578 6,173 Sal
4. Ribeira Brava 1,899 5,495 5,550 Ribeira Brava
5. Calheta de São Miguel 2,599 4,967 5,400 São Miguel
6. Vila do Maio 1,573 2,664 3,150 Maio
7. Ribeira Grande 2,550 2,980 2,950 Ribeira Grande
8. Cidade Velha 2,148 Ribeira Grande de Santiago
9. Sal Rei 1,522 2,024 2,650 Boa Vista
10. São Domingos 1,600 1,850 São Domingos
11. Pombas 1,161 1,796 1,818 Paul
12. Nova Sintra 1,890 1,852 1,800 Brava
13. Ponta do Sol 1,505 1,760 1,750 Ribeira Grande
14. Santa Maria 1,343 12,000 Sal
15. Mosteiros 358 400 Mosteiros
16. Cova Figueira Santa Catarina do Fogo
17. João Teves São Lourenço dos Órgãos
18. Picos São Salvador do Mundo
19. Tarrafal de São Nicolau Tarrafal de São Nicolau

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