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List of cities in Egypt

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Title: List of cities in Egypt  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Egypt, Alexandria, Lists of cities by country, Giza, Lists of cities in Africa
Collection: Cities in Egypt, Egypt Geography-Related Lists, Egypt-Related Lists, Lists of Cities by Country
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List of cities in Egypt

This is a list of the most important and largest cities and towns in Egypt.


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City Name City Name (in Arabic) Subdivision City status Population (2010 Census) Photo
Cairo القاهرة Cairo (+20) 2 12,230,350
Alexandria الاسكندرية Alexandria (+20) 3 5,046,231
Giza الجيزة Giza (+20) 2 4,028,062
Shubra El-Kheima شبرا الخيمة Shubra El-Kheima (+20) 2 3,072,951
Port Said بور سعيد Port Said (+20) 60 1,607,353
Suez السويس Suez (+20) 60 1,347,352
El-Mahalla El-Kubra المحلة الكبرى El-Mahalla El-Kubra (+20) 40 838,297
Luxor الاقصر Luxor (+20) 95 687,896
Mansoura المنصورة Mansoura (+20) 50 670,494
Tanta طنطا Tanta (+20) 40 557,793
Asyut اسيوط Asyut (+20) 88 453,202
Ismaïlia الاسماعيلية Ismaïlia +69 +64 422,411
Faiyum الفيوم Faiyum EST (UTC+2) 378,959
Zagazig الزقازيق Zagazig +(20) 55 334,331
Damietta دمياط Damietta (+20) 57 330,296
Aswan اسوان Aswan (+20) 97 281,891
Minya المنيا Minya (+20) 86 273,767
Damanhur دمنهور Damanhur (+20) 45 272,017
Beni Suef بنى سويف Beni Suef (+20) 82 253,789
Hurghada الغردقة Hurghada (+20) 65 253,124
Qena قنا Qena (+20) 96 230,392
Sohag سوهاج Sohag (+20) 93 201,339
Shibin Al Kawm, Al Minufiyah شبين الكوم Shibin Al Kawm, Al Minufiyah (+20) 48 186,345
Banha بنها Banha (+20) 13 165,906
Arish العريش Arish (+20) 68 164,830

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