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Luis Enrique Sam Colop

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Title: Luis Enrique Sam Colop  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Guatemalan writers, List of Saint Mary's College of Maryland people, K'iche' language, Popol Vuh, List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2003
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Luis Enrique Sam Colop

Luis Enrique Sam Colop or Sam-Colop (born in Cantel, 1955, died July 15, 2011) was a Guatemalan/Native American linguist,[1] [2] lawyer, poet, writer, newspaper columnist,[3] promoter of the K'iche' language, and social activist.[4]


Early life

He was born in Cantel, Guatemala in 1955.


Sam Colop graduated in Law at the Rafael Landivar University [5][6] and obtained his Ph.D. at SUNY, Buffalo in 1994 with a dissertation on Maya poetry.[7]

Teaching career

He taught K'iche' Language at the Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala. Starting in 1999 he was a Fulbright-sponsored visiting scholar at St. Mary's College of Maryland [8]

Books and articles

Published works by Luis Sam-Colop include two poem collections, Versos sin refugio [9] and La copa y la raíz[10] as well as various essays and articles.[11] He is best known outside Guatemala for a new edition of the Popol Vuh in the native language.[12] He recently received a Guggenheim fellowship in connection with this work.


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