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Marrakesh Agreement

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Title: Marrakesh Agreement  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Uruguay Round, World Trade Organization, International trade law
Collection: 1994 in International Relations, 1994 in Morocco, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, History of Marrakesh, Treaties Concluded in 1994, Treaties Entered Into by the European Union, Treaties Entered Into Force in 1995, Treaties Establishing Intergovernmental Organizations, Treaties Extended to Aruba, Treaties Extended to the Isle of Man, Treaties Extended to the Netherlands Antilles, Treaties of Antigua and Barbuda, Treaties of Argentina, Treaties of Australia, Treaties of Austria, Treaties of Bahrain, Treaties of Bangladesh, Treaties of Barbados, Treaties of Belgium, Treaties of Belize, Treaties of Brazil, Treaties of Brunei, Treaties of Canada, Treaties of Chile, Treaties of Costa Rica, Treaties of Denmark, Treaties of Dominica, Treaties of Finland, Treaties of France, Treaties of Gabon, Treaties of Germany, Treaties of Ghana, Treaties of Greece, Treaties of Guyana, Treaties of Honduras, Treaties of Hong Kong, Treaties of Hungary, Treaties of Iceland, Treaties of India, Treaties of Indonesia, Treaties of Ireland, Treaties of Italy, Treaties of Ivory Coast, Treaties of Japan, Treaties of Kenya, Treaties of Kuwait, Treaties of Luxembourg, Treaties of MacAu, Treaties of Malaysia, Treaties of Malta, Treaties of Mauritius, Treaties of Mexico, Treaties of Morocco, Treaties of Myanmar, Treaties of Namibia, Treaties of New Zealand, Treaties of Nigeria, Treaties of Norway, Treaties of Pakistan, Treaties of Paraguay, Treaties of Peru, Treaties of Poland, Treaties of Portugal, Treaties of Romania, Treaties of Saint Lucia, Treaties of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Treaties of Senegal, Treaties of Singapore, Treaties of Slovakia, Treaties of South Korea, Treaties of Spain, Treaties of Sri Lanka, Treaties of Suriname, Treaties of Swaziland, Treaties of Sweden, Treaties of Switzerland, Treaties of Tanzania, Treaties of Thailand, Treaties of the Czech Republic, Treaties of the Netherlands, Treaties of the Philippines, Treaties of the United Kingdom, Treaties of the United States, Treaties of Trinidad and Tobago, Treaties of Uganda, Treaties of Uruguay, Treaties of Venezuela, Treaties of Zambia, World Trade Organization Agreements
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Marrakesh Agreement

The Marrakesh Agreement, manifested by the Marrakesh Declaration, was an agreement signed in

  • An unofficial chart of the Marrakech Agreement (at WTO Cell, Government of the Punjab)

External links

  1. ^ Marrakesh Declaration of 15 April 1994 at World Trade Organization


The agreement developed out of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), supplemented by a number of other agreements on issues including trade in services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, trade-related aspects of intellectual property and technical barriers to trade. It also established a new, more efficient and legally binding means of dispute resolution. The various agreements which make up the Marrakesh Agreement combine as an indivisible whole; no entity can be party to any one agreement without being party to them all.


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