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Mohammed Abed al-Jabri

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Title: Mohammed Abed al-Jabri  
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Mohammed Abed al-Jabri

Mohammed Abed Al Jabri (Arabic: محمد عابد الجابري‎; 27 December 1935 – 3 May 2010 Rabat) was a contemporary Moroccan critic and professor of philosophy and Islamic thought in Mohammed V University in Rabat. He was also an expert in Arabic and Arabic literature. He is considered to have been one of the major intellectual figures in the contemporary Arab world.[1] He is also known for his academic project "The critique of the Arab Mind". He published several influential books on the Arab philosophical tradition.[2]


Jabri was born on 27 December 1935 in Figuig, Morocco.[3] he received a bachelor degree in philosophy from the University of Mohammed V in 1967.[3] He also obtained a PhD in philosophy from the same university in 1970.[3]


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In Arabic

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  • M'hamed Hamrouch, Magress, obituary in French (published in Libération 04 - 05 - 2010)[2]
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