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Northern Ireland local elections, 1973


Northern Ireland local elections, 1973

Northern Ireland local elections, 1973

30 May 1973
→ 1977

All council seats
  First party Second party Third party
Party Ulster Unionist SDLP Alliance
Seats won 194 82 63

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Party Independent Independent Unionist Democratic Unionist
Seats won 52 26 21

Interim bodies
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Local government in Northern Ireland was reorganised in 1973 by the Local Government (Boundaries) Act (Northern Ireland) 1971 and the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972. The county councils, county borough and municipal borough corporations and urban and rural district councils were replaced by twenty-six local government districts.

Elections took place for all the seats on the district councils on 30 May 1973. Elections were by proportional representation, using the single transferable vote system. The district councils came into their powers on 1 October.[1][2][3][4]



Party[5] Councillors Votes
Total +/-  % share Total
Ulster Unionist 194 N/A 17.0 255,187
Alliance 63 N/A 13.7 94,474
SDLP 82 N/A 13.4 92,600
Independent 52 N/A 7.0 48,947
Independent Unionist 26 N/A 4.4 31,866
United Loyalist 20 N/A 4.2 28,906
Democratic Unionist 21 N/A 4.1 28,811
Republican Clubs 8 N/A 3.0 20,680
Labour (NI) 4 N/A 2.5 17,422
Independent Loyalist 16 N/A 1.4 17,360
Vanguard 10 N/A 1.6 13,305
Unity 6 N/A 1.5 10,281
Loyalist Coalition 3 N/A 1.0 7,495
Nationalist (NI) 4 N/A 0.5 3,784
Independent Community 3 N/A 0.4 3,036
Republican Labour 0 N/A 0.4 2,594
Independent Republican 3 N/A 0.2 1,911
Liberal 0 N/A 0.1 704
Independent Ratepayer 1 N/A 0.1 841
Independent Radical 1 N/A 0.1 533
Communist Party 0 N/A 0.1 363
Irish Labour 0 N/A 0.0 290
Independent Nationalist 0 N/A 0.0 147
Independent Labour 0 N/A 0.0 91

By council







Belfast A[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist Grace Bannister 6,328
Ulster Unionist Ben Horan 2,768
Ulster Unionist Thomas Gildea 1,598
Ulster Unionist William Blair 1,498
Labour (NI) Erskine Holmes 1,337
Vanguard W. H. Elliot 1,322
Alliance Patricia Carson 1,315
SDLP Ben Caraher 1,302
United Loyalist W. Dougherty 1,198
Democratic Unionist Thomas Wright 1,158
Ulster Unionist John McKeown 1,021
Democratic Unionist Greene 874
Alliance Sam Edgerton 702
Ulster Unionist Emma Dunbar 546
Independent Unionist J. Keenan 432
Alliance Bernadette Hopkirk 430
Labour (NI) J. Murray 421
Loyalist Coalition Lindsay Mason 271
Alliance Jacqueline Maguire 192
Communist Party H. Moore 101
Turnout 25,174
Belfast B[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist Joshua Cardwell 6,708
Ulster Unionist John Allen 3,910
United Loyalist H. K. Dickey 3,371
Alliance Michael Brown 2,549
Ulster Unionist Thomas Patton 1,833
Ulster Unionist William Corry 1,488
Ulster Unionist Dorothy Dunlop 1,428
Alliance D. Wonnacott 1,205
Ulster Unionist H. Cranston 1,085
Alliance Coulson 878
Labour (NI) W. J. Gunning 631
Alliance Miller 534
Labour (NI) Conway 507
Labour (NI) Kirkpatrick 332
Turnout 26,788
Belfast C[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist J. Webster 2,770
Ulster Unionist John William Kennedy 2,611
Ulster Unionist W. D. Gilmore 2,522
Ulster Unionist F. J. McGibben 2,247
Alliance David Cook 2,241
United Loyalist McNarry 1,693
Ulster Unionist Preston 1,404
Alliance Muriel Pritchard 1,172
SDLP M. O. Scott 948
Labour (NI) Brian Garrett 817
Alliance W. H. Jeffrey 731
Alliance McDonough 681
Independent RTPY Donaghy 610
Republican Clubs Callaghan 503
Labour (NI) Copley 186
Turnout 21,346
Belfast D[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
SDLP J. Gillespie 2,306
SDLP Desmond O'Donnell 1,332
Alliance P. D. Corrie 1,159
Alliance Wilson 1,080
Ulster Unionist Shaw 1,045
SDLP J. P. McCarron 871
Alliance Reginald Donnelly 822
Republican Clubs John Brady 758
Republican Clubs McAllister 684
Republican Clubs Raymond O'Hagan 649
Alliance McGrogan 569
SDLP McKenna 530
SDLP O'Connor 524
Republican Labour Barnes 360
Republican Clubs Bernard McDonagh 340
Alliance Slavin 332
Labour (NI) Hannon 326
Republican Clubs McElroy 276
Republican Labour McNamee 256
Republican Labour Flanigan 241
Labour (NI) Watson 169
Labour (NI) Moyna 109
Republican Labour Lavelle 90
Republican Labour McDermott 86
Turnout 15,915
Belfast E[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist William Christie 7,875
Democratic Unionist Fred Proctor 2,156
Independent Unionist Hugh Smyth 2,145
Labour (NI) Billy Boyd 1,758
Alliance James Robinson 1,452
United Loyalist D. Smylie 1,210
SDLP Goan 1,012
Republican Labour Fleming 842
Democratic Unionist Hoy 514
SDLP Tanney 432
Labour (NI) G. Chambers 264
Independent Moore 88
Turnout 20,015
Belfast F[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist H. Fletcher 3,441
Ulster Unionist James Stewart 3,320
SDLP Paddy Devlin 2,242
Democratic Unionist William Spence 1,190
Ulster Unionist T. G. Murphy 1,000
Republican Clubs John Sullivan 735
Republican Clubs S. O'Hare 700
Republican Clubs Dornan 560
Republican Clubs Sean Flynn 538
SDLP Owen Allen 475
Alliance Maureen Smyth 370
Labour (NI) Magee 232
SDLP Desmond Gillespie 230
Alliance Woods 230
Labour (NI) W. Ritchie 165
Republican Labour Clarke 129
Communist Party Betty Sinclair 110
Republican Labour McKenna 72
Republican Labour Marron 29
Turnout 16,390
Belfast G[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist M. Laird 3,632
Ulster Unionist Herbert Ditty 3,556
SDLP Gerry Fitt 2,876
Ulster Unionist H. H. Kidd 2,651
Independent Unionist Sammy Millar 2,291
Alliance M. J. V. McKeown 572
Republican Clubs John McAlea 376
Labour (NI) Boyle 368
Republican Clubs McGlade 291
Republican Labour Jim O'Kane 193
Labour (NI) Pakenham 182
Republican Labour S. O'Hare 174
Labour (NI) Jack Sharkey 132
Independent Moya Saunders 52
Republican Labour Scullion 19
Independent Rigby 13
Turnout 17,895
Belfast H[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Ulster Unionist John Carson 5,518
Ulster Unionist Frank Millar 3,993
SDLP Thomas Donnelly 2,667
Alliance John Ferguson 2,271
Ulster Unionist Myles Humphreys 1,935
Ulster Unionist Shannon 1,263
Ulster Unionist H. E. Smith 1,245
Alliance McManus 974
Independent United Loyalist David M. Riddelsdell 967
Ulster Unionist Mary Creighton 730
Alliance Lantin 700
Ulster Unionist Lavery 689
Labour (NI) Barbour 432
Labour (NI) Simpson 407
Labour (NI) Boyd 327
Republican Labour Loughran 277
Liberal R. A. Smith 172
Independent Unionist McAuley 129
Independent Daly 115
Turnout 25,144















Newry and Mourne


North Down




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