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Western Apache language

Western Apache
Ndee biyati' / Nnee biyati'
Native to United States
Region Primarily south-east Arizona
Native speakers
14,000 (65% of pop.)  (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 apw
Glottolog west2615[2]

The Western Apache language is a Southern Athabaskan language spoken by over 14,000 of the Western Apaches living primarily in east central Arizona. Goodwin (1938) claims that Western Apache can be divided into five dialect groupings:

  • Cibecue
  • Northern Tonto
  • Southern Tonto
  • San Carlos
  • White Mountain

Other researchers do not find any linguistic evidence for five groups, but rather three main varieties with several subgroupings:

Western Apache is most closely related to other Southern Athabaskan languages like Navajo, Chiricahua Apache, Mescalero Apache, Lipan Apache, Plains Apache, and Jicarilla Apache.

In 2011, the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s Language Preservation Program, located in Peridot, Arizona, began its outreach to the "14,000 tribal members residing within the districts of Bylas, Gilson Wash, Peridot and Seven Mile Wash,"[3] only 20% of whom still speak the language fluently.[4]


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