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Great Thinkers, Great Ideas, An Introduction to Western Thought

By Vincent J Falcone

An introduction to moral, political and economic philosophy. Twelve philosophers in each category are featured, their basic theories are examined and provide the basis for discussion.

Table of Contents
PARTI An Introduction to Clearer Thinking Chapter 1 Attitudes: How They Affect Our Thinking 3 Chapter 2 Classifying Viewpoints: Conservative and Liberal 12 Chapter 3 Epistemology and Logic 20 Chapter 4 Fallacies: Errors o f L anguage and Logic 32 PART 2 Moral Philosophy: Ideas of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong Chapter 5 Moral Philosophy: A Brief Introduction 47 Chapter 6 Plato and Aristotle: Idealism and Realism 55 Chapter 7 Epicurus and Epictetus: Pleasure and Apathy 65 Chapter 8 Aquinas and Descartes: Faith and Reason 72 Chapter 9 Hume, Bentham and Mill: Subjectivism and Utilitarianism 82 Chapter 10 Kant and Schopenhauer: Idealism and Pessimism 90 Chapter 11 Nietzsche and Sartre: Naturalism and Existentialism 99 PART 3 Political Theory: The Relationship of Man and the State Chapter 12 Introduction to Political Theory 111 Chapter 13 Law: Understanding the Rule o f Reason 119 Chapter 14 Problems o f Government: Five Great Issues 127 Chapter 15 Plato and Aristotle: Utopia and Polity 138 Chapter 16 Augustine and Aquinas: Platonist and Aristotelian 146 Chapter 17 Machiavelli and Hobbes: The Prince and the Leviathan 156 Chapter 18 Locke and Rousseau: The Social Contractors 165 Chapter 19 Burke and Hegel: Conservatism and Absolute Idealism 174 Chapter 20 Marx and Mussolini: Communism and Fascism 183 PART 4 Economic Theory: An Introduction Chapter 21 Introduction to Ecomomic Theory 195 Chapter 22 Smith and Ricardo: Laisez Faire and Free Trade 202 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Epilogue Bibliography Index Malthus and Owen: Gloom and Doom vs. Optimism Veblen and George: The Theory o f the Leisure Class and the Single Tax Keynes and Friedman: Pump Priming and Individual Choice Parkinson, Webbs, Von Mises and Hobson: Insights into Economic Theory Application o f Ideas to the Modem World


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