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Scientia Magna : An International Journal : Volume 2, No. 1, 2006

By Xi'an, Shaanxi

Scientia Magna is published annually in 200-300 pages per volume and 1,000 copies on topics such as mathematics, physics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and linguistics.

x1. Introduction The study of Smarandache loops was initiated by W.B. Vasantha Kandasamy in 2002. In her book [19], she defined a Smarandache loop (S-loop) as a loop with at least a subloop which forms a subgroup under the binary operation of the loop. For more on loops and their properties, readers should check [16], [3], [5], [8], [9] and [19]. In her book, she introduced over 75 Smarandache concepts on loops. In her ¯rst paper [20], she introduced Smarandache : left(right) alternative loops, Bol loops, Moufang loops, and Bruck loops. But in this paper, Smarandache : inverse property loops (IPL), weak inverse property loops (WIPL), G-loops, conjugacy closed loops (CC-loop), central loops, extra loops, A-loops, K-loops, Bruck loops, Kikkawa loops, Burn loops and homogeneous loops will be introduced and studied relative to the holomorphs of loops. Interestingly, Adeniran [1] and Robinson [17], Oyebo [15], Chiboka and Solarin [6], Bruck [2], Bruck and Paige [4], Robinson [18], Huthnance [11] and Adeniran [1] have respectively studied the holomorphs of Bol loops, central loops, conjugacy closed loops, inverse property loops, A-loops, extra loops, weak inverse property loops and Bruck loops. In this study, if two loops are isomorphic then it is shown that their holomorphs are also isomorphic. Conversely, it is shown that if their holomorphs are isomorphic, then the loops are isotopic.

Table of Contents
T. Jayeo. la : An holomorphic study of the Smarandache concept in loops 1 Z. Xu : Some arithmetical properties of primitive numbers of power p 9 A. Muktibodh : Smarandache Quasigroups 13 M. Le : Two Classes of Smarandache Determinants 20 Y. Shao, X. Zhao and X. Pan : On a Subvariety of + S` 26 T. Kim, C. Adiga and J. Han : A note on q-nanlogue of Sandor's functions 30 Q. Yang : On the mean value of the F. Smarandache simple divisor function 35 Q. Tian : A discussion on a number theoretic function 38 X. Wang : On the mean value of the Smarandache ceil function 42 Y. Wang : Some identities involving the Smarandache ceil function 45 J. Yan, X. Ren and S. Ma : The Structure of principal lters on po-semigroups 50 Y. Lu : F. Smarandache additive k-th power complements 55 M. Le : The Smarandache reverse auto correlated sequences of natural numbers 58 M. Karama : Smarandache partitions 60 L. Mao : On Algebraic Multi-Group Spaces 64 F. Russo : The Smarandache P and S persistence of a prime 71 Y. Lu : On the solutions of an equation involving the Smarandache function 76 H. Ibstedt : A Random Distribution Experiment 80 L. Mao : On Multi-Metric Spaces 87 Z. Li : On a equation for the square complements 95 L. Ding : An arithmetical function and its mean value 99 Y. Yi : Some identities involving Bernoulli numbers and Euler numbers 102 L. Liu : An arithmetical function and its mean value 108 J. Li : On Smarandache dual fuction 111


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