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Software Codes of Mantra, Tantra, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Evil Eye, Evil Tongue &c. : Sample pages

By Ved from Victoria Institutions

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Book Id: WPLBN0100003241
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
File Size: 4.52 MB.
Reproduction Date: 10/21/2016

Title: Software Codes of Mantra, Tantra, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Evil Eye, Evil Tongue &c. : Sample pages  
Author: Ved from Victoria Institutions
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Psychology, Paranormal
Collections: Authors Community, Psychology
Publication Date:
Publisher: Victoria Institutions, Aaradhana, DEVERKOVIL 673508

Prologue This is not a guide-book for studying any occult art. Instead it is a writing that proposes to take up the possibility of there being a real machinery behind the working of so-called mantra, tantra, evil eye, black magic, voodoo etc. This book does not teach any of the above mentioned arts. Yet, it does try to find a pathway or opening by which we can find or enter the supernatural arena from where the supernatural software codes of reality and life is designed and maintained. It is a writing that tries to discuss a probability that is not connected to material sciences. Instead it proposes to examine the possibility of there being a supernatural software application location wherein reality might be seen in the code view as-well-as the design view. These two views are apart from the real view, which is the physical reality. The ultimate aim of this book is to propose a pathway via which we can approach the supernatural software location, where all of reality, life, living organisms, brain software &c. are designed and maintained. This book is not a sudden writing on any impulse of the moment. I wrote my first book on codes in languages, March of the Evil Empires; English versus the feudal languages, around 1989. The final version of the book was completed around 2000. In the concluding part of that book, I did hint about the possibility of there being something akin to a software background to reality. And that languages are software applications with varied capacities. In around the year 2005, I wrote a series of posts in a GB website on the same subject. It was basically a lot of unconnected themes all pointing to the same theme. This I later published as a digital book under the name: Software codes of reality, life and languages. Then my next major book on the subject came out with the name: Codes of reality! What is language? Here again the same theme of connecting the idea of there being a software realm behind reality and that languages have software codes which can directly connect to the software of reality was elaborated. The focus was on languages being sort of software applications through which physical reality could be influenced. Still, the theme was going forward only in very brief paces. A few years ago, I had to write a series of posts for supporting the contentions of Homoeopathy, by basing the ideas from my understandings. That Homoeopathy does work on the principle of a software program rectifying the software of life and human body. The book title was: The machinery of Homœopathy!

This file contains the first 30 pages of the book. The rest of the book can be read inside a Telegram Channel. The link to the channel is given inside this sample file.

9 A hint of the codes behind solid reality When I wrote the first draft of my book March of the Evil Empires: English versus the feudal languages, way back in 1989, I had only a very feeble idea about an entity known as Software. However, there was nothing in my surroundings that could inform me much about this. However, I do remember my first use of a computer before that year. I did get to discuss about software and software codes then. I had a very small idea that words made of English alphabets were being made capable of doing something inside a computer. When I made the final draft of my book, I did mention that languages were actually software applications. Each with its own very specific features, aims and designs. Some of the readers, who are reading this book on a computer, might not be aware that every action that they do on the computer, are activating some software code machinery. Usually, software applications do not allow the users to reach inside the code location where the application had been made. Beyond that it is not possible for users to make changes into the designs of a software application. For instance, one can work with MS Word. However, the user cannot make changes in the MS Word application. He or she can only make changes in the file which he is using. By merely typing any code or word, the user will not be allowed to enter into that location. But then, there might be locations where by design or by mistake, a mere word can trigger a response from beyond the external attributes of the file. For instance, simply type the following into an MS Word file and press Enter: =rand (200,99). You can see that this mere word/digit text can trigger something that was not expected in the least. I have no idea why this works or whether it was deliberately kept there in the codes, or whether it was a bug. I can give another example.

Table of Contents
1. Intro 5 2. The frill issues 7 3. The deeper themes 9 4. Code view, design view & real view 12 5. The exact danger in social development in feudal language locations 14 6. The fabulous un-detection 17 7. The machinery of disparaging 18 8. Lost in translation 21 09. A hint of the codes behind solid reality 22 10. Codes of Aiyitham (repulsion and untouchability) 25 11. Upward lifting power 27 12. Codes of ‘respect’ 28 13. The code version view of human beings 30 14. An observation at a personal level 35 15. A very powerful experiment in the power of language codes 38 16. Locating the Voodoo-acting location 42 17. The continuous wobbling of the interlocked web elements 44 18. The arena of Sensations 47 19. Words that crush and those that stretch 49 20. Software codes of Shamanism 51 21. Other supernatural software (spiritual) items 53 22. The issue of touching and that of un-touch-ability 55 23. A detour to a side theme: English colonial administration 56 24. Back to repulsions in touch: Codes of Namaskar 58 25. A supernatural way to off-set negativity 61 26. Allusions to the anecdotal black-tongue 62 27. Metamorphosing into a hermit 64 28. Back to the eerie realm of Evil Eyes 68 29. A thing that can provoke the evil eye 70 30. From my personal experience 72 31. Detecting an inserted code 74 32. The viewing angle 75 33. The Codes of touch 77 34. Gadgetries of degrading 79 35. Issue of viewing 81 36. A clue from the epics of the landscape 84 37. What bodes ill for England 85 38. Codes of imagination 87 39. The slow rattling and the long-term rearrangement 88 40. Astrology and other divinations 91 41. Hidden codes in spiritual scriptures 99 42. The curse of the serpents 102 43. The ambit of a disaster 106 44. Nonsensical theories of communication 108 45. Continuing on the serpent theme 110 46. Jinxed buildings 112 47. Jinxed positions around a place of worship 116 48. The second item: the broken mirror 119 49. Supernatural codes of building design 120 50. The spoken word and the effect of pronunciation 123 51. The Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin capacity of feudal languages 125 52. The diffusion of numerical values 127 53. The litmus test of stature codes 129 54. The working of the breached codes 131 55. On to the attributes of ‘sensation’ 133 56. Miscellaneous items 138 57. Decoding bird signs 139 58. Use of urine, hair, nail, blood etc. in black arts 140 59. Lucky stones 143 60. Sleeping positions 145 61. The proof of the pudding 148 62. A software based disease treatment & cure system 149 63. The power of indicant words to redesign human physical features 155 64. The other means to investigate 156 65. The fabulous ‘n’ word 161 66. Yantram 163 67. A warm talisman 165 68. Computer coding in feudal languages 167 69. Commentary on Omens & Superstitions of Southern India 169


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